Colorful vegetables and fruits

Want to lose weight 🙂
Here are some tips that are useful

Eat clean – eat green t- o get lean 
Greens – Dark leafy
Chlorella spirulina
Take proper supplements (more on my Yogic lifestyle page)
East as much fresh organic local raw foods as possible at your meals
Eat more smaller meals –
Eat smaller portions – your tummy will shrink once you habitually eat less,  you’ll need less to feel full,  actually u don’t need to feel super filled that’s too much
Eat vegan -it ROCKS!
Don’t eat late at night after the sun has gone down – Biggest meal = Midday
Sleep 8 hours or more – Beauty Sleep – Rebuild muscle time – YES
Exercise at least once a day for at minimum 20min. More is great!
Push past your comfort zone
Vary your workouts often
Use many muscle groups
Drink water water water – fresh clean purified  filtered – non-fluoride

Drink Coconut Kiefer – delicious and full of divine friendly flora for your tum tum – I feels its better than Kombucha

Apple cider vinegar tonic (a dash of cayenne, half a lemon and 2-4 tbs of Organic Apple Cider Vin. in 12 oz of fresh pure h2o) – I combined the master clease with the vin vin to create my own tonic!

this has helped me lose 5 lbs…. drinking it when I get super hungry b4 i ever eat anything… it kills hunger pangs and then you eat less when you do it… I take it with me everywhere in a voss glass… Plus its fermented Guys -Probiotic LOVE MMMMMMMHMMMMM

Relax do yoga 🙂
Get massaged -yumm
Go for a Body scrub

Stress in the body causes higher levels of cortisol and that causes fat deposits and fat storage – 😦

Have fun! 😉

Splash in the ocean or your bathtub!
Laugh Laugh Laugh
Dance Dance Dance
Hula hoop

If you have a lover Then Make love often!!!
It’s proven to be such an amazing healing remedy for many ailments.
ummmmmm…. yoo-hoo : Sexual healing…

Joy brings good hormones surging throughout the body Releasing stress

Omit from your diet the following if you wanna free the fat – just say no.

List coming tomorrow

Big love
Sat nam y’all

images-1  CHEERS oh ps Ice water not so good for digestion no cold drinks are… Ill share more Ayurvedic tips next time… MWAH!

Im trying to make this its own page/ but it aint workin…

I’ll share more soon this was a mobile page update – chanting meditation time for me – nitey nite nite!


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