Daily diet

Want to lose weight 🙂
Here are some tips that are useful

Eat clean eat green to get lean
Chlorella spirulina
Take proper supplements (more on my Yogic lifestyle page)
East as much fresh organic local raw foods as possible at your meals
Eat more smaller meals –
Eat smaller portions – your tummy will shrink one you eat less you’ll need less to feel full actually u don’t need to feel super filled that’s too much
Eat vegan
Don’t eat late at night after the sun has gone down
Sleep 8 hours or more
Exercise at least once a day for at minimum 20min.
Push past your comfort zone
Vary your workouts often
Use many muscle groups
Drink water water water – fresh clean pure filtered – non-fluoride

Apple cider vinegar tonic (will post later )

Relax do yoga
Get massaged
Go for a Body scrub

Stress in the body cause higher levels of cortisol and that causes fat deposits and storage

Have fun
Splash in the ocean
Hula hoop

If you have a lover Then Make love often!!!
It’s proven to be such an amazing healing remedy for many ailments.
Sexual healing.

Joy brings good hormones surging throughout the body Releasing stress

I’ll share more soon this was a mobile page update – chanting meditation time for me – nitey nite nite!

Omit from your diet the following if you wanna free the fat – just say no.

List coming tomorrow

Big love
Sat nam y’all



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