Peace making presence 

(Disclaimer: I have not yet proofread this entry for typos 🦋 for it is late 🦋 I will revise tomorrow)  Wow here I am visiting my old “home” of O’ahu Hawaii. Remembering oh yes remembering what seems to be an ancient memory of a life I once loved… youthful innocent and bliss turned to failed […]

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Relationships 🐚

Sat Nam it has been so long since I have written a kundalini lovers blog share.  Relationships are what the human experience relies upon, the number one relationship is with the self and the divine and infinite creator whom I choose to call God. Ever present within each of us is an innate wisdom a […]

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The dive 🌀

There is a moment when we allow ourselves to go deeper than we knew we were capable of… reaching into the darkness of inner space – swimming through dimensional seas – all to touch the depth of our souls Nectareous essence. This recognition ignites the 🔥fire of our truth. Fuels the passion of our existence […]

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Kundalini is my sanctuary ✨

So many things come and go in this life. Relationships – people – possessions Through all of these experiences over the past few years my meditative sadhana is what keeps me in my sanity. Seriously – by focusing upon this deeply cosmic connection to all that is in existence. Since finding kundalini yoga I have […]

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What is love…? The Divine elixir of life 〰 Within complete presence and sheer surrender is the voice of the divine heart which sings 🎶clear as crystal quartz… Sacred union of physical energies – exude and embody all that of the Divine 🌟 Cosmic enchantment Moments ✨

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