Power of you ⚡️

It has been said whether you think you can or you think you can’t you are probably right …. Henry ford. Lately I’m learning a tremendous amount through being a witness to my mind and my feelings – in learning to listen to my own navigation system – rather than other people or even my […]

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Quest of justice

On a journey in life Feeling beyond compassion for the masses of human existence whom have not a clue or an idea that there is a way into merging with the grace of god -goddess -divine Where wars burry beautiful human bodies – unfinished lives Where poverty strickens children and mothers actross the global community […]

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What is love…

Is love something that we actually possess… As a tangible thing … Is it something we can have ? Is love an object an emotion an illusion. Does love exist within all of us as our birthright as our responsibility? With love we feel so full of life – Whether we love life – we […]

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Loves desire

What we want more than anything in life is to be loved and to be able to love. From our youthful ages we look for acceptance which is truly love. We require love to survive, that nurturing care and attention our mother bestows upon us as suckling babies. Though I too am a lover of […]

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Oh for the love of women

I have to share this stunning moment with you all 🙂 It’s so true – I am Woman- I bend not break! as I had a long conversation with my beloved friend last night about being a women- being open to feeling truly feminine In Our expression as women – to be fearlessly expressive – […]

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