Relationships 🐚

Sat Nam it has been so long since I have written a kundalini lovers blog share. 

Relationships are what the human experience relies upon, the number one relationship is with the self and the divine and infinite creator whom I choose to call God. Ever present within each of us is an innate wisdom a guiding force likened to an inner navigation system. One which when we follow it’s guidance we achieve greater levels of clarity, righteousness and overall states of peace.  Each and every one of us has this built in Source of Knowingness available to us at all times through all space. This truth has always been within us we were born with this potent wellspring of guidance. All we have to do is remember. And draw upon what is already there in the depths of our existence. Sounds so simple. In fact it is. The challenge is not in the attainment of this glorious wisdom as there is no thing to attain, the challenge is quieting the mind and silencing the ego in order to establish a relationship with this innate guidance. Through meditation and stillness this relationship is much more accessible. In my deep and devoted practice of kundalini yoga and ancient methods of meditation I have been able to anchor myself in a state of recognizing the voice of truth. When I take my practice of meditation into my daily life I am able to make right choices on the paths of least resistance and flow more gracefully through day to day situations. I am guided to make more desirable choices by my ability to listen and follow the voice of truth rather than the voice of my mind, ego and fears. 

The practice of kundalini yoga has supported me so tremendously in  identifying the truth that has always been within me. And has allowed me to establish a profound relationship with my intuiative intellegence.  

I believe that from this state of living we create greater relationships with the people in our lives and take responsibility for our own actions and cease to react rather we respond from a place of compassion. 

In the light of this truth we are able to choose our relationships, we see that we have the opportunity to deepen co-creative relationships and to let go of the ones that are non-supportive or mutually beneficial for the greater good of all beings concerned. By existing in this way we create space for those in our lives to exchange in a more potent way and we allow new relationships to blossom reflecting the state of being which we have established with ourselves and the divine creator of all. 

Blessings to all 🙌🏽



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