Solutions 💦

The more I meditate in nature on silence on herstory the story of life itself continuously giving birth to more life and more magic. The more I come to the realization that life is paradoxical in nature all things exist in polarized waves of reality.

Though I can see there aren’t really problems from this vantage point of my Ojai lenses which are highly tinted and tainted in LoveLight bliss.
Rather there may be hinderances to the flow and in those occasions we see that there are actually solutions – we see these solutions only due to the paradox.
My bestie and I discuss many a subjects in the key of life and existence. Yesterday she so loving reminded me that without these paradoxical occurrences we would not be able to differentiate between the light and dark. The way we are able to identify our paradise is by knowing within our divine consciousness the deep burrows of intensity.
So with a heart filled with gratitude and immense love. I step forth into the unknown realms o my future. Carting my torch of faith and vision into the darkest corridors of the uncharted territories.

With such sheer clarity and immense innate wisdom. I know success already. I feel grand love for what’s I have to share as much as to learn. To grow and to blossom as a being of the divine. We all have a mission a meaning as a human incarnation upon her earthy planes 🌿

So fantastic are we when we remember our deepest truth. Existence.

May the force be with you.




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