Power of you ⚡️

It has been said

whether you think you can or you think you can’t you are probably right

…. Henry ford.

Lately I’m learning a tremendous amount through being a witness to my mind and my feelings – in learning to listen to my own navigation system – rather than other people or even my own mind.
Life is what we make it.
What is important to you and I – is made important by our focus and attention upon that thing.

Through the science and technology of kundalini yoga I’ve been led to a deep inner guidance system that we all have. Through invoking this divine dimension of vibratory resonance I am getting more and more in control of my life.
There is a sense of flow and allowing ourselves to go with the flow. Yet we create the flow by what we think and essentially how we feel. I am learning to create the flow that I desire to reside among.
It’s quite a magical exploration – this life experience.

So I say to you on this mystical raining day in Ojai – to create your life as you desire it by feeling great now and focusing upon your life’s joyous experiences. Being exactly who you are is he most authentic and real state of existing that you can anchor in.
You are frigging amazing.
Look at all that magic within you.
You were born to be amazing – joyful in ecstasy and love with every aspect of you. The you that is ever the expansion of the divine architect of all that is.

Be blessed always

Sat nam




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