The dive 🌀

There is a moment when we allow ourselves to go deeper than we knew we were capable of… reaching into the darkness of inner space – swimming through dimensional seas – all to touch the depth of our souls Nectareous essence.
This recognition ignites the 🔥fire of our truth. Fuels the passion of our existence and blossoms our fragrant lotus heart 🌸
We no longer blame the outer existence for our woes – we fall not to victims of the experience – rather we choose to create and build our center of knowingness and unify with a greater grace than that of human existence alone…
We become the witness to our perceived and believed stories.
We the observer- observe our reactions and transmute that of emotion driven response into a responsible expression from the heart.
Through my deep daily devoted practice of kundalini yoga I am able to see giant shifts and transformations in my ways of expressing- existing-embodying and loving –

Though change is inevitable-
We are creatures of habit and once we dedicate ourself to living loving lives – for ourselves and those around and closest to us. We live from the truest place of our soul. The Sat Nam… (Truth is our essence -)
I believe that kundalini yoga is the golden key 🔑to living in ones truth and experiencing the highest realms of consciousness – joy – ecstasy and reality.

The time is now to align with the divine presence 🙏

Oh to you I say goodnight from a California dreamer. 💤

Sat nam

Create a devotional habit 🙂



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