The Magic is within you…✨

The moment that we remember that the magic of life resides within each one of us and our beliefs, the way in which we see the world through the fractals and day-to-day – / moment-to-moment – situations.  There is a fine line between bliss and bewilderment… Honestly one can see a simple scenario which unfolds in life with such a vastly different array of lenses.

It is all a lineage of choices…. how to respond or react…. to think or to feel.

I feel that emotions conspire to fuel our actions. Yet if we are able to harness our emotions – like that of a somewhat wild horse, then we can ride the waves of the days and nights and such is life, an ebb and flow of emotions, feelings and beliefs, expressed though actions and reactions.

I find that my personal Kundalini yoga practice is my saving grace in this very life experience. As it opens up the channels and the gateways to the zero-point (the place of the void-nothingness), the place of listening to higher guidance, to becoming the witness rather than the actor in the play of life… for a moment there is an opportunity to step out of the play and observe the whole entirety of the screenplay.

The most incredible aspect of Kundalini Yogic Practice for me, is the ability to just escape the stresses and the burdens of life – even momentarily. And during that interlude, guidance comes, clarity is available and there is a calm a peace and serenity.

Of course I do deeply believe in the mystical power of chanting ancient Gurmukhi mantra, there is a mantra for just about everything under the sun and into the stars. When we begin to master the mantras and know their deep innate meaning and encoded messages, we are able to utilize the power encoded within that specific sound vibratory portal. I know these things may sound elusive and very esoteric, yet once you are able to reach a state or a place of manta recitation and deep meditative states, you too will begin to understand the magical mystical powers of the Kundalini lineage.

I invite you to subscribe to my blog as I will be posting more relevant, instructional and experiential content than ever before – right here on Kundalini Lovers. I will also be  posting a once-a-weekly instructional video to support  your Kundalini journey.

Beginning November 1st. This is your opportunity to give Kundalini a try at your comfort and leisure.

All the blessings to you

I also post a lot of Divine daily expressions on my instagram – Kundalini_Lover (Radha Divine) – look me up.

As it has been said…

“Life is a flow of love, only your participation is requested”. YB

SAT NAM (truth is my essence)



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