Silence speaks – louder than words ✨

In a world filled with multitudes of immense stimulation and the sounds of white noise or the nuances of bubbling chatter boxes. Changing times bring more and more distractions from the self – the true self. The sat nam self. sat Nam- truth is my identity – truth is my essence. (Ancient Sanskrit)
Ching chime ding dong txt Skype viber im pm kik chat and on and on.
We are inundated with outside stimulations. First world modern day technology’s. Oh my.
Did the pyramid architects and mayan mystics or the Peruvian mountain temple makers have such immense distractions… Or did they in the shade beyond closed eyes vision and in that visionary shamanic space learn to know the alchemical formula of gravity and the entire wisdom of the universe.
I feel that we as beings with these incredible vessels of flesh and form with these intricate strands if DNA and molecules atoms and cells / our living sacred geometry vehicles are just awaiting us to “Turn them on”. In a way I speak of activate the vessels to it’s fullest superhuman potential.

In the shade of the closed eyes in the sacred silence within – is the way in which we will rediscover our innate wisdom : our ancient lineage of DNA holds the encoded molecular messages of wisdom. I believe
We must be still and be utterly silent 🌟 awaken to the quietude within. Fr there is our guidance our angelic knowing our higher self.
There is so much I have remembered through the recent transformation I underwent : and so much I desire to share with those of you whom wish to
Remember 🙂

For now I invite you inwards to listen to you… The you that is not the mind nor the ego – rather it is the you which operates from pure love and releases fear to open your wings and allow the truth of your soul to take flight.

I am dedicating my summer solstice to a day of solitude and sacred water ceremony alone with myself and the divine in nature 🙂
As this day June 21 2014 is a very magnificent portal into realms and dimensions we cannot speak of in human dialog :

Kundalini yoga is my portal into these silent dimensions of divinity.
It is for me the most profound space of grand beauty 🙂 when I close my eyes and step inside my own Radha divine temple I forget my human body exists – I lose track of where I am on what planet on what grounds. I’m the kundalini rising through my physical being I an turned on in ways beyond physical tantric ecstasy. It’s the ecstasy of the soul merging into the body and the mind is without thought — where all things merge into the zero point.
I am in love with this sacred space in the silence of my all knowing divine self – :
I invite you to take this summer solstice day and spend some portion of this incredible day in silence in prayer in offering in ceremony.
Bring awareness into that inner wisdom.
I believe in you and your highest self knows beyond the limitations or the fears of the mind.
Meditate on the sound of a river flowing on audio if there are no rivers near by. Go into nature and gently sit and commune with Mother Earth. She is a living entity ✨she is our home. Embrace her with your love. Send your prayers into her into that of humanity which calls for our collective prayers. To all the children in need of love and homes and of nurturing :
I ask of you to take time out to go within to share your prayers – fore I believe in you and I know your soul is capable of assisting in the elevation of consciousness in this world.

With that being said – many mystics have recited such profound relics of poetry and instruction-
For yogananda said :
“Live quietly in the moment and see the beauty of all before you. The future will take care of itself”……

Yogi bhajan has shared
“In stillness lies the sound which is the creative existence of God. Whoever masters the stillness and the silence, and can understand it, receives all knowledge.”

I find that much of what is spoken of is of not much relevance to assisting in the elevation of consciousness on planet earth. Some may see me personally as not so approachable or easy to get to know… Indeed they are correct. For I observe and engage only with those I feel – FEEL- a connection with that words cannot describe nor replace. This is a fault in society I am certain – though I accept it as so.
As in this discernment I am able to focus that energy into the creations and endeavors I am giving birth to here in bali. And sometimes it is in grand solitude that I am able to most deeply listen to the inner most guidance.

A mantra you may decide to recite before you enter into silence

ong namo guru dev namo

I bow the the highest most divine beings – I bow to the angelic beings – I bow

I will post the audio and video with mudra and instruction tomorrow.

With so much love in my heart to you
sat nam
Radha Simran Kaur


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