Quest of justice

On a journey in life
Feeling beyond compassion for the masses of human existence whom have not a clue or an idea that there is a way into merging with the grace of god -goddess -divine
Where wars burry beautiful human bodies – unfinished lives
Where poverty strickens children and mothers actross the global community of humanity – where separation gives rise to living apart from unity.
As far as my eyes can see we are only free in the space behind closed eyes where there are no spies there is no space and no time.
I realize the freedom we seek is not that from egos desire for more material gains that have somewhere along the lines caused someone pain.
In the creation and the manufacturing of our extravagant toys and trinkets and things. I wonder how many humans look beyond the desires for more and more and get back into their core / the centered being the awakened soul / who emanates

sat nam

In Sikh kundalini – meaning Truth is my identity. The truth at the souls level.

Tears fall from my kundalini loving eyes at the moment as so much love has be disguised as fear as hate as war as strife.
How can we call this life?
When one man rises careless to know another falls in his shadow – can we rise together for this is the 21st century and age of Aquarius – shan’t things shift and shall we bear more fruits and much more gifts.
I remember days when humans existed in memories I dream –
For the elevation of consciousness
Could flow as rivers and streams.
Where fear aint nothing without a beliver as I sing in my song “freedom”
Because i truly feel in the depths of my oceanic heart that we can rise into the wisdom anchored in the cellular memories encoded and ever present in our dormant strands of DNA.
I truly and wholly divinely know that with each and everyone of us on this earth there is a soul – seeking the remembrance of the light – the source ⚡️ the truth and she is ever so bright.

I will ramble no more fore I will sit in my temple doors and go deep beyond the shades of my closed eyes / oh windows to my soul and connect with the light of the all knowing – ever emanating from the divine cosmic realms that link us all together as kin.
No matter what skin we are born in.
All ages -all races -all angels -all sins
We are all interconnected within – no matter what appears to be so far and different.
I remember you and I will continue to-
I will Chant my kundalini mantras and pray to the Mother Earth and the father sky for guidance so I – may assist in the elevation of human consciousness.
Arise my sisters and brothers to your -knowingness to you.
Return to innocence.
Return to paradise ✨

wahe guru
Radha Simran Kaur

I 💙 you


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