Kundalini is my sanctuary ✨

So many things come and go in this life.
Relationships – people – possessions
Through all of these experiences over the past few years my meditative sadhana is what keeps me in my sanity. Seriously – by focusing upon this deeply cosmic connection to all that is in existence.
Since finding kundalini yoga I have been blessed to have such a magical sanctuary to refuge to.
Kundalini saves me from my mind…
It enhances my abilities to know to time in – kundalini heals my physical body – my emotional wounds – and my spiritual karmas
Kundalini is what I love so much to do as my divine practice.
This is why I don’t need to drink nor smoke nor take and mind altering substances – for kundalini is my subs stance of choice. Re calibrating my brain and enhancing my life from the inside out.

I am so thankful for my teacher Tej Khalsa and the beloved Yogi Bhajan for sharing these ancient teachings with those whom are ready to elevate into their fullest protevtion upon this earth.

Wahe guru
(Indescribable ecstasy)



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