What is love…

Is love something that we actually possess… As a tangible thing … Is it something we can have ?
Is love an object an emotion an illusion.
Does love exist within all of us as our birthright as our responsibility?
With love we feel so full of life –
Whether we love life – we love our creative expression – we love the presence of joy in our day in our night –
Why do we continuously seek this feeling – this experience – this power –

💗Love- it seems to be this divine elixir
Like a natural MSG – it enhances everything we do and it adds zing and flavor to everything we do!

It seems that love has absolutely nothing to do with relationships or any other person at all.
It appears to be something that we cultivate and feel in ourselves and when we feel it we exude it and it’s actually contagiously catchable – that shining love within is inspirational and fully profound engorged with power.

I wonder though why is it important to share this love with another person a partner a lover a companion.

Is it that the continuous mirror reflection of the immense field of exponential love energy is then enhanced and refracted like a portal of light ? Is it that when we can truly love ourselves and we begin to fill our soul with love that we can then have such a strong desire to merge with another being whom also exudes their love beam so strong.
It becomes a magnetic exploration of love… The feelings that take one over like an oceans all encompassing embrace :

So then this Romance or romantic love indeed has everything to do with lovers and partners –
And we all seek to commune with a divine perfect reflection of our own love and such is their journey

I am in a place so vulnerably open to explore and experience this space again.
My life has been blessed with incredible love and one immense soulmate that shines still in my souls remembrance. We love each other still deeply and forever. Yet the times change and we can expand into different avenues and adventures.
I am contemplating love and life so much these days as you can see.

I started a new kundalini kriya it’s so potent

how much you love kriya

It’s definitely stirring up a lot in my heart 🙂


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