Manifest ⚡️ you master manifester

I am about to share a lot of feelings and my beliefs which are subject to change or rather expand in the near or immediate future! What you are about to read is my thoughts and feelings on life and the mind…
All of it relative to the fact that we are constantly manifesting – either we are manifesting what we desire because our subconscious mind or being believes we can get what we want or attract to ourselves positive experiences and adventures
Or the mind the negative subconscious mind is manifesting exactly what it does not want due to the realty that you get what you think about most of the time… If you think about what you don’t want to happen those thoughts are as strong if not stronger for most people that thinking about what you do want so you attract all the things into your existence that you think about most!
It’s your choice cause your – we are – always constantly co-creating and manifesting is happening all the time- you only need to learn to filter and refine your mind your thoughts and your focus… Cause your already a master manifester. Can u imagine that!
I am definitely in a very feisty mood today – so uncensored :)❌

So here I go y’all – I am doing a 3 day coconut water cleanse or fast from food and mostly what inspired this fasting journey is to let go of sugar from my life –
Through the practice of daily kundalini sadhana – meditation and connecting to my divine self I am able to see so clearly.
Day 1:
I am In currently and already I see the beauty of freedom from addictions to substances such as sugar and chocolate – be it raw – vegan or not – it’s still an addiction to a substance!
So my only addictions are loving – lovemaking and music – and of course kundalini yoga is like brushing my teeth – I don’t leave home without it – that being said : I have had one of the most challenging 2weeks of my life until two days ago when I shaped up and snapped out of the mind trance I was under- such as a spell would grasp ahold of the being and lead one to believe the elusive and demented stories. Thank The Lord hallelujah – I am free at last free at last. From the confines of my mental bars – not metal bars though it felt such like a jail I was in. Hail the angels who assisted me to awaken from the dream of illusions.

So I have come to the realization that number 1:
We are always the ones we have been waiting for! I wrote a song about this – you’ll hear it soon as I get in the studio to record my long anticipated demo EP.
There is no one out there who can rescue you or save you or help you – sorry to say but it’s true!
Dang it you may say. Well WAKE THE HECK UP! YOU ARE THE ONE AND ONLY ONE- it’s up to you to believe in your dreams to follow your truth and and to trust your heart. Nobody’s can to this for you!!!
Number 2:
The mind is like a movie making machine that has these incredible illusory actors and fictitious situations and amazing simulations of reality to trick you into be living that what it says is true… The moment we allow the mind to gain control it’s like a wild horse it takes off with you riding it and hanging on for dear life !
Also likened to a snowball bubble…
Let me explain – it’s like a thought enters your conscious awareness and either you choose to go for it being real or you decide eh that’s just a thought I’ll let it pass. Once the first thing occurs and you actually give power to the thought be it a good or a not good thought- you are handing your power over to the mind machine and so here is the good part… This bubble if thought illusion grows and grows and attract us more illusions to the party and then the snowball bubble is so giant it’s taken over your whole reality and you are now following the instruction of the mind machine… Shoiiizzzzzzllleeee :
But there is a little tiny pin – like one for sewing – and the pin is the truth of your heart and the pin says wow I feel and I know and what i know is that my true essence is love and love is do strong it would never say these crazy things – essentially this pin of light pops the bubble of illusion and then you are free free free! And hopefully if your like me you see what just happened to your life and you realize how powerful the soap opera of the mind can be when and only when you actually think that the stories are reality : they can taste real they can smell real but once you go into your heart then and only then can you actually differentiate between illusion and reality. Love is the only thing that I believe is real and it melts all illusion – it is so profound it is so immense it is all there is when all the illusions are stripped away and the essence of life ifs left.
Number 3:
You must define what the heck you are doing on this planet earth
If you want to do anything meaningful here – I feel…
Decide to go for it
Do it and don’t let anyone get your goat
Who gives a crap what people think or say you think Einstein cared or Nikila tesla or Newton… Or Vincent van goh or Leonardo Divinchi
I don’t think they had time to give a hootin hot damn cause they were so engrossed in their art.
Now we care too damn much – who likes us on Instagram or who commented on Facebook. Who cares
Ok maybe that’s just me… But really they say – these wise elders once alive say things like our happiness resides within us regardless of praise or ridicule – we must find ourselves and love ourselves and then what other ppl think or say doesn’t effect us.
So I say define to yourself what you are doing – then do it and do it because you love to do it – and that is your success : if you can positively shine and inspire people in this world you first have to fully embody your creativity or your thing whatever it is…

So really that’s all I have for you all now. I must go practice and do my vocal training because I love to sing so much it’s my whole life 🙂

So this blog is more of a self realization lineage that I’ve decided to share in case some of you find it’s inspiring to your own journey of life and of self realization.

May the force be with you and the force is love ⚡️


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