The magic of cleansing ⚡️

Coconut water journey of love – light – clarity and detoxification 🌀

I believe :
Cleansing is such a profound journey for the body – the mind and the soul – it is truly a gift you can give yourself throughout the year on special celestial alignments and such powerful days of the year like equinox and solstice and such.

Did you know that it only takes 3 days for the whole body to switch from acidic to alkaline : on coconut water. Coconuts are rich in electrolytes and minerals and actually assist the body in removing toxins and restoring an alkaline balance.
No disease can live in an alkaline environment 🙏
From my understanding we can live on coconuts for very long periods of time.

So here I am😘
wow guys
I decided that I needed to quit all my addictions big or small and cleanse out my body for the love of life to dance through my being and open up my heart to the divine Lovelight that is arising around me everyday.
Funny thing is that I actually got slightly confused and desensitized and distracted by my mind often lately.

My intuition guided me and people around me just magically also suggested it so I took the guidance and started my coconut water cleanse 5 days ago
The second I began I started to feel sick and my body instantly began to detox – instantly – I have my friend a massage after his long weekend workshop and instantly afterwards I felt like hmmmm. I better rest I’m not feeling sooo good.
Well the funny this is / what a blessing that my body/ all of our bodies can rest and reset themselves – the hardest part for me has always been to slow down : so here I am slowing down / feeling sensitive to all things in my body and my life today / resetting my bio clock and feeling nature speaking to me.

Thankful for the divine willpower and discipline I’ve learned through kundalini yoga and prior cleanses and detoxes
Yet this one is by far the most profound yet.
I am so thankful to have been so greatly challenged on this cleanse to show me how much inner strength I actually have and what a beautiful and magnificent body I get to live and love in – so to clear it of all collected sentiment wow it’s my responsibility and my pleasure. To have these days to just allow my body the time and the space to release and reset itself naturally wow…

Think where all this toxins are when we are consuming all the things we so love to consume that may not be so good for us on a regular basis.
I mean while we are consuming them we think we feel fine and then we consciously decide to take a break and badaboom it becomes clear that those things weren’t agreeing in us…
Amazing that we love in a world where we have at our fingertips the access to so much wisdoms – knowledges – expertise and superfood nutrients.

let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food

I feel so happy to be here on Bali on my day 5 of this coconut only cleanse
It’s amazing for my body and mostly for my mind to really see herself with magnified clarity and actually begin to upgrade my system and my beliefs
It’s as if installing a new operating system. You do have to allow the program to upload on a Mac and the lm shut down the thing – then you can restart it and wow it’s epic to have say maverics and then the day will come when it’s time to upgrade again and hopefully the next time your will go into it with more grace and more ease and more willingness – less resistance 🙂

Blessings of health and love



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