Loves desire

What we want more than anything in life is to be loved and to be able to love. From our youthful ages we look for acceptance which is truly love.
We require love to survive, that nurturing care and attention our mother bestows upon us as suckling babies.
Though I too am a lover of love in human form, there is a deeper love that dwells within our soul. The love of the Divine light which radiates from the eternal – timeless and formless one.
During my daily sadhana I often cry during my closing prayer, because I feel such an immense connection with the Divine the beloved of all beloveds.
To merge our heart again into the heart of God – the one – is a truly indescribable feeling that inspires grand emotion. I often feel in this space – how could I have forgotten this feeling for even a second of my life.
I truly attribute these profound moments of divine love to my daily kundalini practice.
A feeling of love that originates from the light within and emanates beyond all space and time. This is Divine Love.
Where true love and sacred union begin👌 is here in this space.

As a singer and songwriter I often have a tendency to compose songs for the Divine. Lovers come and go – soulmates or twinflame a may reflect a long era of our existence and we may merge with them in mind body and soul – yet the deepest love affair is truly that which is with the divine architect of all existence.

After 5 hours of writing / practicing new songs and recording them.
I felt inspired to share my feeling on this subject at 3am on a Bali high.

Blessings to all
Wahe guru
which from the Sikh Sanskrit lineage means
Indescribable ecstasy.

Sat nam 💗


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