Oh for the love of women

I have to share this stunning moment with you all 🙂
It’s so true – I am Woman- I bend not break!
as I had a long conversation with my beloved friend last night about being a women- being open to feeling truly feminine In Our expression as women – to be fearlessly expressive – to give and shine our light – fear truly is a lineage of unreal stories –

when it comes to love – I have begun to realize as woman I can share my heart freely – as I have connected to that divine feminine expression of my own truth and in living this way – many women have come to me and requested support and advice in their own journey on the path of divine femininity.

Connecting with the absolute divine creator is number one.
To feel safe and secure is always within us. We can depend on God for all things. Then we can blossom open our pure heart and share the space of love. We can then embrace the song of life. We are whole on our own ladies. The special loves who dance into our lives are added bonus to the already complete wholeness and unity within.

By living in love – fearlessly – we allow our lover to feel confident and loved. Cause fear creates walls and barriers around the heart.

Presence is true love – I believe.
The gift of the open heart – shines – inspires and synchronized all things.

To love – to the divine sacred union 🔶🔷


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