Divine Discipline ✨

In a world filled with choices,flavors,options and variety it is ever so easy for us first world citizens to just take bits and pieces of what we desire without dedicating ourselves to anyone thing.
I see this happening so frequently I’m the new age scene and it’s a hodgepodge smorseborge playground for those seeking enlightenment – spirituality and such :
Though in the past people whom desired to live on a very “enlightened”
Planet or path would have been required to show their focused dedication to one modality of awakening and have a teacher who guided them upon this immense journey.
As I mentioned in a previous post. We are spiritual beings by nature. No teacher training course can certify one in spirituality. I’ve seen yogis who don’t take their yoga off the mat and into the world. I feel so deeply that we must instill within ourselves this desire to merge with the Divine creator in order to reach any form or fathom enlightenment.
We are here to remember who we are.
Sure we can allow a guru in our lives to share their precise knowledge and invoke our inner wisdom.
If the guru is one whom shows us the path and allows us to take our journey.
We cannot become addicted to the Guru rather we can become addicted to the silence space the void of time that place where we learn how to remember our sacred union with the Divine.
DISCIPLINE – to practice daily Sadhana is not so easy at first but once your hooked its the greatest high of all.
This is the true reason to be alive in my option to reach this space of oneness with that energy of God-Divine the great architect of all universes.
So I offer you the invitation to merge your soul through a disciplined practice and I feel kundalini yoga is the most direct and pleasurable means to attain this ecstatic state.
I feel by doing this once secret yogic practice ones light and life become magnified and magnificent.
Radiance so strong so deep and so pure emanates through every fiber of you.

Blessings on your journey.
I will start my video blog next week to share mantras and kriyas that suit your soul – beginner and seasoned yogis welcome.

May love surround you
Sat nam
Radha – Mantra Simran Kaur



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