Tears of joy flood my heart

This morning has been a paramount moment in my life!
I feel so blessed to have this life and to share that which I am oh so passionate about 😉 life it self. Love expanding my soul to see the unseen // to hear the song of the Divine // to feel the lotus petals of my heart expanding my souls light.
I cried so dearly after my morning sadhana in the realization that I have so much to share // God given gifts and talents and most importantly I have The Divine to share /:
We all have this amazing opportunity to shine Gods light through every fiber of our being every molecule of our soul emanates love. This is our truth our birthright.
Sadhana allows us infinite beings to experience the finite world with a gem of indescribable ecstasy of wahe guru
We are here to live in our truth that wisdom of the soul so divine so radiant.
No person no thing can bring this.
It is the unification with the Divine – it is the love affair with God!
Wow! Feel your light and cultivate that relationship with the energy of the Divine.

I don’t identify myself as religious yet deeply spiritual. We are all spiritual by nature we cannot help it – we are spirit souls exploring this human journey.
The neo spiritual movement eludes that we have to become spiritual when in face we are divinely spiritual from birth.
All we must do is to tune into our truth.

I love you
Sat nam



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