To be a real WOMAN…

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Being a woman is so effortlessly beautiful…                                                                                                that beauty that radiates from within is so much more profound than beauty that has been forced or enhanced… we are women we shine we magnetically attract we are divine by default… if we set in our truth we are able to exude sensuality and natural beauty… of course it’s quite fun to enhance our nature state of inner beauty with outer thrilling adornments and such.. yet is completely unnecessary.

Having been a professional model for many years i got caught up in the web of the externalized beauty validating who I was as a person… being so focused on the shell of my soul..                              Oh the human form… it is such an exquisite artistic expression of GOD and a house of pleasures… I feel that yes – absolutely yes! it should be cared for in the most delightful ways : the vehicle for which our soul resides : it is a glorious and gorgeous temple. Yet it is one facet/fractal of our truth, the truth of our existence is wholly more and as women we have created such an immense emphasis on this bodily vehicle… sometimes we have forgotten that we are a sacred temple… so deliciously divine is our entirety – our totality.

Beauty is one aspect of being WOMAN…

Deeply speaking the essence of Being WOMAN is energy… the way in which we carry our magnetic light (feminine Power) of being a feminine  being,  in this human journey, on this beautiful planet Earth…

I have learned so much during my time in Bali (precisely in Ubud) first of all living in Ubud Bali is like continuously living in a holy sacred temple… the essence of Ubud is deeply spiritually awakening and anchors one in their divine light and truth.  It is in this light of the soul emanating her truth – though the soul is neither male nor female – my being has had the most incredible opportunity to be safe in living in my feminine power, which to me means that being feminine and truly being woman is to allow the tides of emotion of realness – no woman is an Island, a woman welcome love into her heart with open wings, she allows love to pour from her every fiber, very molecule of her being, without fear of the possible future outcomes…

in relating with men she is amazingly present and yet respectfully sensual by nature… she is neither over sexed nor timid… she is woman and every woman is as unique as snowflakes – each amazingly brilliant in their originality and form.

I have come to a place of true expression with open-hearted to love – that which is our birthright as women is to give love without expectation nor fear… it takes a courageous women though to love and to be vulnerable in that love. To see the unseen and to feel the depths of the heart shining bright like starlight….

Every relationship we experience is an opportunity to grow and expand our heart and learn lives lessons – beautiful thick and deep life is…

There is in my opinion no need to hide behind a cloak of protection – in fear of the possible future… Life i feel must be lived within the wisdom of the heart, flowing with intuition and grace.  in Order to truly flow with ones intuition one must develop the relationship with the voice of truth and awaken/broaden/listen to the inner wisdom of our Divine self… to establish such a connection (self Realization) one must make a disciplined choice to practice daily sadhana… daily devotion to God/the Divine/Source – however you connect with the higher power of this life… the number one relationship of a woman i feel is the sacred love affair with the Divine…

Making Love with every moment of life

It is a sensual experience to breathe – to live – to love

Life is so sexy naturally.. Look at the trees they are continuously caressing each other, their roots making love to the soil.

The sea is caressing the sands of the world.

the Sun kisses the ocean good night at dusk

the wind is making love with every blade of grass, every branch,

every whimsical moment of life – life is being created…

we were born of a lovemaking act… a beautiful union of two being co-creating with God.

This is our nature – as women we carry in our womb – the space the vessel of creative wisdom…

that is our nature – i n that truth we are so sensual so beautiful so sexxy just by existing and residing in our truth…









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