The simple truth

The more we give the more we feel whole…

Our hearts radiate such deep light when we are living from within a place of giving.

The beautiful Balinese family I live with at Sandat Bali are so amazing, Papa is an art teacher, artist and reflexologist of the most amazing healing, he is a father and one of the most vibrant and energetic beings I have ever met, he is so full of life.  Mama (MeiMei-in bali mama is known a- which is also my 12 year old daughters name) , is the mother the amazing and beautiful soul caring and playing with everyone, she is a wonderful cook, an amazing mother and wife and business owner.  Wyan their son is so generous, wholehearted and honorable. All of the staff that work here are so fun and playful, as I open my heart to see the world and all of its continuous blessings and angels, I find more fun and expansive realizations in all that I do, in everyone I meet and especially here at my home. 

Since being in Bali i have experienced so many nuances all contrasting each other… On one hand I have developed my music and fearlessness to sing and perform, on such a deep level, I have connected so profoundly to my path and my truth of my soul.

I have fallen in love with life itself, I have been given so much to be thankful for, God is truly great.  I am so thankful to have Kundalini Daily Yoga to practice and reactivate my true souls essence and identify with that which I am, you are, we all came into this world to exude… like the nectar from the flowers heart. Kundalini is the temple which I enter daily and where my soul feel safe to expand into its greatest and most potent existence and creative potential.

Though in bali I have also been profoundly challenged and have been coaxed into looking within the depths of my human life and my beliefs, patterns, tendencies… I may have been stricken with giardia for many weeks, had the most intense motorbike crash, felt broken in my heart, missed my family tremendously, been financially freaked out…. amidst all that craziness… there has been a inner light of knowingness that here I am now to allow myself to truly shine and inspire the world and allow the world to inspire me.                           Because I am now on my 40 day sadhana again (Antar Naad and Sudarshan Chakra) two extremely powerful Kundalini Mantras, I have been building my radiance the radiant arc line of my soul and able to open up new pathways which lead to incredible doorways within the house of God.

Kundalini is the most amazing tool in this world that I have discovered, it is truly the key to life for me.  I feel absolutely blessed to have this gift not only for my own inner & spiritual growth, but also to share with beings that are asking for the key to expansion of themselves. It is a truly amazing. People come to me from the most unsuspecting places to learn and for me its an honor to share this gift. 

So basically what I would like to share with you from this whole extensive blog post is that, Life is truly simple, when we tune in and allow there to be space to expand to what we already are, we can come to the realization that we are not for a second separate from what we desire, nor are we ever alone… though we may believe that there is space and time, truly nothing is away from the unification of that is, has been and will be… It is within our beliefs that we decide what we find to pay attention to, cause baby its always ours to give, to share and to have.

I love all that I am and in doing so I am able to love all that you are.

Sat Nam

Thank you

Radha (Mantra Simran Kaur) 



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