There is nothing outside of ourselves, it is all within us…

Drugs and Alcohol are honestly never the true path towards sustainable living nor enlightenment!

To be a clear pure and open vessel and channel for the power and wisdom of the Divine to worth though ones being….

Relinquishing the ego, the wild-horse of the mind and the distraction of shortcuts such a substances!

i have been in tears over this discussion today….

and though it can be a lonesome road to stay on the Path of clean and clear highs, I would prefer this over subjecting my body temple to any sort of mind altering substances…

I am a teacher/mother/ channeler of truth/ vessel of clarity to be in the greater service of the Divine…

Escapism into the substances one may chose to utilize as “the Medicine” is a route that does not serve a sustainable lifestyle.

To invoke clarity, clear thinking, feeling and existing…. to exercise the pineal gland the master of intuition and creativity…. to invoke hightened states of existence leading one to natural ecstatic experiences and the maha ananda or bliss… can only be achieved through dedication, daily sadhana and kundalini yoga…. this is what I find to be the absolute truth!

One does not need to partake of any substance to connect with the Divine… we are born with a;; the divine tools that we need to experience deep states of ecstasy and divine bliss.

No high comes close to the natural high we can achieve through cultivating  deep daily sadhana practice and elevating conscious awareness through:                                           prana/purpose/ practice / patience / perseverance…

the arcline is negatively impacted when drugs and mind altering substances are abused,

Kundalini Yoga does the opposite… it strengthens and polished the arcline and auric field or electromagnetic field, we have ten bodies and the practice of kundalini is the only practice that establishes harmony and balance amongst all 10 bodies…

focus upon

Service 🙂


Clean living:



opening of the lotus heart

More coming shortly




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