Kundalini by the sea

Wahe guru!
Wow indescribable is the experience of merging with the Divine!
Here we are amidst this earth –
i am spinning and swirling dancing and singing loving the expressions of the divine in the faces and beings whom I call my tribe my family my loves.
Kundalini session this morning on the shore : feeling so confident and full of love to share and elevate consciousness through living in my truth. Wahe guru! Is the expression of my day!
Mercury has turned direct as the grand water trine has blessed our lives.
I feel full and beautiful in my center.
Happy to know my kundalini has awoken and elated to share this amazing anchoring journey with the community.

Wow dancing at fleetwoods all night last night : sweating up a storm with my new buddy Rosie and my old buddy Gerard.
I am thankful
I am inspired
I am blessed.

Beginning a green juice and chlorella cleanse on Monday night truly tues morn as the moon is waning!
So looking forward to teaching kundalini workshop tomorrow at the yoga Shala paia.

Off to my friends gallery now. To love and share light.

Love to all
Sat nam



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