The kundalini Lover is in love…. W the journey!

Thankful to be exactly where I am and open as a lotus blossoming.
Releasing all that no longer serves my life… My patterning my habits…
Gaining wisdom and profound experience here on mama Maui!
Learning to give back to the community in a beautiful nourishing way… Learning to stand in that divine feminine graceful power and shine all that I am… As we shine our light we inevitably grant permission for others to shine their light. Especially our Goddess sisters.
I am in love with being a watery flowing expressive woman : communing with my beautiful goddess tribe and creating the expression and space to allow the sacred masculine to emerge from their beings… That feelings expressive support from our brothers our lovers out friends… Our male relations.
It’s all so nectarous and full and rich. All these lessons to be learned to be awakened by the truth and the light.
I am ever so gracious and ever so embracing my journey.
I hope you are too.

Sat nam
Truth is my essence.





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