Life Spin… Whirling… Swirling

Life is like a spinning top and when we move in a new direction we first almost come to a complet standstill b4 we rotate in the new direction.wgej moment appears to halt – well we have a choice guys! We can become dramatically negative and victimized or we can realize that aho finally things are changing

Since i love to surf we can also say that the waves of life ebb and flow there are high tides and low tides and turbulent seas and calm ones. What’s important is that we just go out and surf and love it no matter what the conditions.
That’s the pure joy and ecstasy of life.

Sometimes we get our nose up in the air and we get all snobby about how things must be. But alas if we jump of our high horse and get to humility we can claim that treasures that’s been a rapping at our door. Here is the lesson you got is great in to the next level of the game we call life.
Where will you go to next,..

It’s all in You my friends
The glory the pain the gratitude the suffering.
You decide :

Kundalini is my magic potion it keeps me sane in times of adversity.

Yogi bhajan I bow now in gratitude for your teachings that continue to enlighten us and allow our expansion and elevation into the aquarian age.

Sat nam
Love you!

Gotta goooooooooo



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