Sometimes I wonder would we rather tell ourselves a story and stay in a sexual relationship than to face the feeling of being alone…
Could we face our fear and break the bondage if we aren’t fully supported in that love relationship…
Is sex a drug that we become so blinded by and addicted to…
In a way that we are in the state of mind that we are better of with this lover than to be alone…

When in solitude we can unearth the greatest treasures and the deepest quietude of spirit where we are able to commune with the divine

I feel at times it’s a paradox

We want freedom – we want unification
We want sensual love
We want philosophical stimulation
We women want a strong manly man – one who can take charge and in a sense dominate us physically in the bedroom yet allatonce
We women want a man to be sensitive and gentle too.
We want it all.
I want my raw vegan cake and I wanna eat it too. Why the heck would God give us cake and we can’t eat it. Ummmmm.

Well in this practice of kundalini I’m finding that my sexual addictions or imbalances ahem! Are being rectified and I’m seeing so divinely clear, that which is serving and that which is not.

All the relationships and associations we have in life regardless of sexual or plutonic should truly serve symbiotically eachother and uplift one another and hopefully the greater good of all humankind in some way shape or form.

I believe that the more we unite with the Divine and the angelic beings : our higher self, becomes more prevalent in our energetic/auric field and we magnetize the higher vibrational; beings and relationships.

Though often times this means “time out” but really that is “tune in” time in-solityude to discover your Divine Essence.

Rather than hopping from relationship to relationship I believe more ppl could use a little time to with themselves, their truth…

Union is amazing…. balancing the polarities, experiencing pure ecstatic states of bliss…

yes I agree…

Yet that space can be accessed with unification – connection to the power-source the mega outlet … the all-knowing one whom created that all-powerful overwhelming form of sensual pleasure and passion… Merge into the DIVINE…

I feel that if more people took the Divine time to commune with themselves and God, before entering relationships… the ones they had would be more profound, longer lasting and deeper in both love and passion.

Its like a social responsibility now that I am thinking about it…


these blank pages are my canvass, as my rivers of feeling flow…and as you have noticed the rivers do flow.

Food for though to provoke your soul to emerge from the crevices and entice your being to expand into the light…



ps… Yes SEX can be a DRUG…

And it can be one of the HIGHEST forms of unification with GOD when experienced with LOVE….



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