At some point in our life there comes a revelation an occurrence that enhances the way in which we look through our lens into the various scapes of life…
Without resistance or attempting to escape we elevate to a place of gratitude and knowing.

A deep sense of peace, cool, calm,collectedness washed over me today amidst some rather chaotic (seeming) occurrences in life.

The freedom to trust ones higher self.
I feel as though when we have chaos its to get our attention and to let us know we weren’t listening properly. Hopefully most of us can receive the gentle lessons. Rather than dehibilitating ones…
If you can learn to stay open to the higher guides and guidance aka intuition and flow with the signs along the path. Then you’ll be golden.
The voice of truth is always there everytime you make a choice – the higher voice is there. Most of the time if you question your first mind- the first voice- (many have tuned it out so long its so faint its like tinker bell – give it your attention and she’ll speak/shine). Most ppl have patterned themselves to listen to the “other” voice (mind-ego).
Making an ego based decision isn’t one from the heart and therefore most likely won’t have the most auspicious outcome.
If there is ever a thought that comes in and contemplates ummmm let’s see should I do that Idk let me think and then you decide to in a sense disregard your first mind- well then see where that life and pattern leads.
If you don’t like where you are- CHANGE YOUR MIND remember I told ya my teacher always says JUST DECIDE –
And I am saying decide to live your truth by listening to the DIVINE GUIDANCE it’s within you it always has been. She’s just been awaiting your acknowledgment so that she may guide and direct you. She loves you she is you. The higher most righteous form of you.

To trust – to know – to stay focused on what we want rather than what we don’t want is the attitude in the hue of gratitude, for all that which we DO already have in our lives.
We want more we want it all and sometimes we must slow down and smell the metaphoric or literal roses.
Cause they are ever present and all abound.
With this Key the doors will fly open.
It’s easy for human beings to play the victimized innocent bystander in life rather than taking responsibility for all the summation of where one is now…
That it was created by us. You – me – we… All created our reality everyday every moment every second.

Almost everyone I know is a heinous at manifesting. The dilemma is that most ppl think about what they don’t want most of the time and then they are shocked when they create / manifest it into their world. I know believe me. I was the queen on that.
Until I realized the magic potion:
Well if you flip that switch in your brain…
Guess what the light goes on…
Think about what you want/desire most of the time and what wait hang on…
YOU GET IT. You get what you think about most of the time. I did listen to Kevin Trudeau a lot for about 4 months and I brainwashed myself to think about what I want. If I’m thinking at all- thanks to my meditations a lot of the time in so present I’m not chatting away up in the loft of my being. It’s taken years upon years and here I am sharing all this with whomever is reading this virtual message I send in love and gratitude.

so this is where training the wild horse aka YOUR MIND or MENTAL FACILITY come into play.
If we allow it- the mind- will and always has chosen stories and generally tainted perceptions to share with us.
The power of the mind is in taking ahold of the reigns and directing that mental force.

Mantra is my magic wand!
Hypnotically entrancing the mind and allowing the space for the true being – higher knowing to flow through with grace and ease.

Now bare in mind I have seen some if the most amazing healers and seers
I have worked with Raj Agni – who removes entities from ones being –
I have worked with Howard wills who can uplift and shine healing into a person by snapping his fingers.
I have mediated and chanted for so many years – I’ve practiced yoga since I was a tween though not a intensely as I do now. I’ve listened to audiobooks by deepak chopra and meditated to holo sync- I’ve learned Sanskrit mantra from a 5th generation Ayurvedic professor or eastern sciences.

The point is – it takes discipline and dedication to elevate.
I feel that everything I’ve ever done along these lines has prepared me for KUNDALINI YOGA.

At this rate of evolution I’ll be levitating soon.
I’m seeing angelic beings coming into my field during my meditations everyday.
Something huge is transforming

And that calm in the eye of the storm is clear and beautiful.

I encourage you to find your practice and stick with it!

I send my love and blessings to you.



I am writing this on my phone app at the oceans edge. So I’ll proof a bit later.


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