Aquarius lover

As the powerful Sun steps into its own sign of Leo Monday morning, we have Full Moon within hours at the very earliest degree of Leo/Aquarius. Leo holds our radiant core self, our divine essence that shines from our heart as we give over to joyful self expression, at our best when improvising in a […]

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Kundalini by the sea

Wahe guru! Wow indescribable is the experience of merging with the Divine! Here we are amidst this earth – i am spinning and swirling dancing and singing loving the expressions of the divine in the faces and beings whom I call my tribe my family my loves. Kundalini session this morning on the shore : […]

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Full moon lovin

Dear Friends, I am sharing a powerpath article- that I find powerful and amazing. Full Moon is Monday, July 22 at 12:15 PM Mountain Daylight Time. This is a time to honor the fullness of your life and to practice seeing magic in all things. Any practice that gives you the experience of expansion is […]

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