Angelic beings are all around us


I’m in love with Angelic beings 🙂 it feels so absolutely divine to unite with their energetic presence and light…

I cry every time they infuse their energy – lovelight – with me … I cry beacuse it fills my entire being… it floods my soul.

It seems to emanate so strongly that with closed eyes the light is brighter than any light i have ever witnessed : its a radiant light….                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I feel so blessed to be experiencing this divine occurrence… and inviting the angelic realm into my field of awareness.       in my kundalini class in W Hollywood, my teacher holds such sacred space, that I feel the angelic beings and master with us in the room and its so very profound. Since I have been Hawaii the last 30 days, away from my teacher, I have ben deeply studying Kundalini and I had asked Tej Khalsa for the meditation which invites the angelic beings into our realm… an she shared it with me.  I am devoted to my double daily practice. As no other practice – spiritual or yogic- has ever brought me into such immense states of ecstasy or clarity.

Doreen Virtue speaks of her many encounters with the Angelic beings, Archangels and Ascended Masters… they have guided her in an array of wonderful publications with HayHouse. I love her angel cards and such decks.


I feel that by developing a dedicated daily practice with the acknowledgment of a higher power is truly the most life enhancing  activity one can experience.


Sat nam



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