This crazy world / Angelic Beings / Sanctuary within


There is so much happening on this earth at all times… from birth to death and everything in the middle.

The ancient people of earth were in a closer unity and harmony with Gaia- Mother Earth.  Harmonizing with this resonance and paying more close attention to the elements and the celestial bodies that affect us and our lives.  We seem to have lost the ability to tap into the rich source of intuitive knowing and the divine connection to the beautiful Earth.

Today and last night during my deep kundalini meditations I was visited by angelic beings whom entered my field and shared so much love and literal light with me, so profoundly, i cried so much as their love was so deep and so pure and angelic. I miss that… some deeper part of me recalls a space,  within my true existence, where love prevailed and light shone so bright there was no room for darkness. And I often feel heavy hearted here on Earth.  The beauty is profound at times here and yet the chaos is also an immense presence, I often feel like an outsider, the more I remember the etheric realm which I know my soul has originated from…. a place so full of immense Love and Light, it would burst the skin we reside in on earth, the confines of humanness can be so limited, once remembering the truth of my own soul.

This afternoon when the angelic beings, the main feminine energy came to me and revealed her name as she transmitted a deep and immense amount of lovelight into my being i felt as though may head was expanding. AS I chanted my kundalini mantra, wahe guru rhythmically ..

photo My interpretation of Samira : My angelic friend….

I feel that people in general are so afraid to visit their higher states of knowing, to speak of angelic beings and celestial beings.  I feel free in that I am living and unveiling the mysticism, the majestic essence of who we are at least who I am….

Thankful for this day and these revelations.

I feel that humankind is on the verge of complete numbness or spiritual amnesia, unless as a collective consciousness we DECIDE to AWAKEN…. awaken out of the chaos and dare to dive into the depths of our souls truth.

How many millions of people have lost their lives prematurely due to the waging wars in the name of GOD and he/she has many names… How long will we fight over the lands and seas of our mother earth.

What will it take to reach an elevated state of consciousness, where Love prevails and a spiritualization entrances all of human motivation.

I feel most ppl of Earth are missing the point of being on Earth, like zombies stricken  with this amnesia – a disease plaguing most of the western population…

Yet all the witches and women of occult sciences we burned along with the ancient texts of monumental value for an emerging world, all the ancient libraries and scrolls, the ark of the covenant the ways in which to harness the free energy which is ever present, ever abundant, what a world it would be if we could finally live in a state of symbiosis and harmony with the ground on which our human form was birthed, where are bones will decay….

The respect the humility the grace…. where has the reverence for a higher purpose gone to.

People AWAKEN… oh Dear People of this Earth….

Many will die without ever seeking a higher state of awareness and all the breaths taken, what were they for.

I am enamored  by the Love and Grace in which some beings carry on this earth, assisting, uplifting, empowering and shining pure heart energy.  Some earthlings stand for a worthy cause, teach others to connect with their own truth and commune with the Divine Source of all that Exists on a daily basis.

As I am deepening my double daily Sadhana and surrendering to the infinite love that is flowing through me, from the Divine, I am shedding the untruths, the stories, the habits and tendencies…. I am rewriting my destiny.  As can anyone who so chooses, have the power and grace to do so, so long as they are disciplined, dedicated, focused and a bit obsessed with the path… in the sense that Ive seen some people allow their ego to become too inflated, or they dance with supposedly spiritual drugs, tobacco, alcohol and are supposedly on a spiritual path. It is not easy to be so wholly disciplined, yet it is a must, in my opinion… The Highest High is GOD… and once we eradicate all that has been blocking that eternal light and love we are filled to the brim with Gods Love… nothing could ever fulfill that sweet nectar – nothing and no one comes close to fulfilling that role.

Yet in order to establish this Divine Connection one must first take the time to cultivate the link… or shall i say restore the link…. God is always within us…

AS Yogi Bhajan said, “Nothing is outside of us, it is all within us”, God has been there all along and we can discover this treasure and this Ecstasy at anytime we choose… we can call forth the angelic beings to assist us with our human lives, and remind us of our soul, as they shine and awaken that truth so deep so wide so beautiful with in each and everyone of us.

Maybe its because I have double simian lines on my palms, things are so intense and I have a nature to look for the deeper meaning in life.  I feel a hefty responsibility to assist in the elevation of consciousness on this Planet we call Earth.

Who knows, I have never been “normal” and I never want to be… I feel so empowered to assist in array of ways in my lifetime…

Lets remember if we can, that we are co-creators of our lives and our destiny… through a devoted spiritual practice, i believe that we have the audacity to harness a great power that is available to those who decide to remember and reclaim it.

May love and light be with you




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