Celestial Bodies

As of yesterday June 27th Mercury has gone into retrograde as its expected to do 4x a year.
Meaning it appears to be moving in reverse.

This effects us humans how?! By fiddling with our communication lines -as mercury if the ruler if communication channels.

During retrogrades it is imperative to be more in tune with your innermost guidance, meaning listen to your intuition and follow it. It’s a time prone for injury and for revisiting old not so pleasant habits or experience.

Yet you can use this time to review what has not been working for you in your life, as most likely is staring you right in the face and these effects will be in play for the next few weeks.
Take time to slow down and evaluate the patterns your created.

I was reading last night- and got some great insight.
Habits are like riverbeds… They are deep crevices that allow our lives to flow as does the river through these riverbeds – and by saying oh I’m going with the flow- as yourself what flow?
Chanting kundalini mantra does in fact Assist one in diverting and retorting these patterns. It takes time as does any new powerful practice.
Imagine if you want to run a marathon you must first train your mind and then your body.
I run up 1048 stairs running skipping doing push-ups and topping my record times… And guess what I’m listening to gyani Ji chanting ancient mantra and forcing my mind to chant sat nam
sat nam sat nam sat nam – this way it doesn’t dominate me the habit is not to give up but to push forward.
And I’m up Koko head in 18-19 min and Down in 6-8 depending on how crowded the verticals mountain stairs are.
I’ve training my mind to push past my limitations – habits the mind has created-
I love doing physical exercise because I can whiteness my whole self working in Unison.

My teacher always says something that has stuck with me even across the great blue sea… If ever I feel down or overwhelmed I say to myself with conviction… JUST DECIDE decide I not going to give up! I am going to rewrite my destiny and I am going to succeed.
Whatever it is working toward – I hear Tejs voice ringing JUST DECIDE’

Thankful for all this growth and expansion in life and the ability to share.
Maybe no one is reading this.
But at least it’s an amazing experience to translate my thoughts, feelings and experiences into expression.

Sat Nam

Later I will discuss OJAS!
As mine are a bit depleted and it’s rejuvenation time.



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