As a women myself in this human life, I’ve been able to witness an array of attributes that we women carry.
There is the negative, the positive, the oppressed, the misunderstood, and then the fully empowered goddess energy…
We women carry such a innate deep power a strength that arises from a place of union with our intuitive source, yet it’s sad to say in the west most women aren’t in communion with that divine source of power. Driven by a patriarchal society, women in power are in a masculine sort of power, patriarchal ways are to use force instead of fitness to dominate rather than to delegate with divine unity,
It’s a crash and burn method.
In this age of Aquarius – the time we are amidst now – having moved out of the Piscean age just recently –
I feel many are moving into a more harmonious lifestyle and with belief systems that are becoming more open to new ideas.
We women are a powerful force of nature when we are anchored in our magic and allowed to shine our truth.
I say allowed since society has women selling their sexiness and flaunting everything to sell anything – the main steam media has a strong current that leads women to exploit themselves and diminish their powers by giving into the dominant force at play.
Goddesses used to revered across the world – deities with great wisdom, strength and magic.
I believe these goddess can once again empower out earth…
2012 passed without a ruckus of planetary explosion or any such activities. With so much anticipation of a doomsday incident, we westerners were edgy and many contemplative about life, motives, focus.
We are now ready beyond that prophecy, it is a new era and it is time to reclaim the feminine power.
The feminine kundalini energy is coiled up in all of us, a dormant sleeping serpentine goddess, she is in the women she is in the men.
She is awaiting the arousal of spiritual awakening to being her ascent up the spine into the crown chakra… She is a very powerful energy, she, when awakened opens up all of our energetic centers-chakras. When our chakras are receptive and open we are able to feel more accurately to know more truth and to connect more with one another.
It’s a collective effort to awaken this society we live amidst.
A few are ultimately radiating a heightened vibration and are sharing these teachings with others through an array of modalities. Yet we need to visualize an expansion of these divine energies – to the point where we are living in harmony with nature and in peace within our selves so we may be at peace with eachother.
There are still crazy shootings in Beirut
People are getting murdered in brazil for traffic misdemeanors
Women across the world are constantly being raped, attacked, killed or severely oppressed…
I like to focus on the positive – indeed- yet these realities are haunting me as they exist and we all need to take a look at our path.
What are we doing and what can we do while our short span of life is here on this earth.
I want more ppl to start looking a the bigger picture.
I desire more ppl to expand into the spiritual being that they are and overcome the smallness of human reality. There is so much more we could all be doing, sharing and facilitating CHANGE.

We live in a society of madness yet there are gems working towards a higher state of awareness.

We must find our gems within ourselves and reclaim our birthright to divine union with our power and purpose.

Each and all of us carry feminine and masculine energies within us, both needing to be balanced and each sex allowing the other to blossom into their highest state of existence.
Meaning men need the time,space and support to be divine lovers and partners and beings of this earth. Recognizing their sensitivities are beautiful attributes to manhood. Men don’t need to plow through life as if it were a battle to conquer and dominate. Of course men need to be men – they have hormones that lead them to feel in different ways than women and they are strong creatures with robust energy. Of course we love men to be men! Yet we need a shift and to allow this shift I believe women embracing their feminine flow and divine qualities will allow the men of this earth to anchor in their more divine power.
We are here together – we can only created life with the other- we must uplift and inspire one another to live and love from a place of spirit 🙂

I believe that this is the way in which we are headed…

Proof reading later…

Love to all



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