1.the act of making something spiritual; infusing it with spiritual content.

3. the instinct or attraction drawing one sex toward another, or its manifestation in life and conduct.

so I feel that emotional intimacy and a deep form of love is the only way to be in a lovership (fyi it’s lovers relating through lovemaking)- casualties have no space to exist In my life…
As the sexual practice should also be revered as any spiritual practice is sacred and respected!

I was discussing the 3 Tantras with a friend today via txt.
How funny these days we can Skype / text/ viber/ email/ what’sapp… I don’t do Facebook or twitter but c’mon everyone from Walmart to raw foodies(I am one of those)…Has a FB page…
i shock ppl by staying that i don’t have FB-

Talk about COMMUNICATION ERA! Are we trying to say something profound in this day and age? Truly : uummmm. What we have in communication options we lack in spiritual advancement as a whole collective population.

When I was growing up on the Land we had a house phone and no computers and endless forests to Roam around beyond our 5 acres… I mean no cellies or anything. Just nature and faith I suppose! Remember those days. It was so different. Well we are now in the Age of Aquarius – I’ll discuss this tomorrow.

Ok back to the point:

There are 3 limbs of tantra and I will share first what yogi bhajan states in regards to them:

” There are actually three types of Tantric Yoga.
One is White Tantric Yoga that can remove the garbage from your subconscious mind, which blocks you from seeing your real self. It does involve the male & female energy, and does not involve sexual intercourse, nor do you take off your clothes.
The second is Red Tantric and directs the energy for sensual purposes.
And the third is Black Tantric that directs the energy to manipulate another human being.
All other forms of Tantra, are an offshoot of this.” -Yogi Bhajan



From her website 🙂
Normal sex is wonderful but it has trouble withstanding the test of time and every long, successful relationship puts it to the test of time. Tantric sex is more wonderful and becomes more wonderful over time. This is because Tantric couples share the deep truth of their existence with each other and acknowledge and honor each other, thereby becoming continuously more emotionally intimate. Emotional intimacy is the foundation of sexual intimacy in long-term relationships. When you add to this emotional intimacy and the sacred heart space that leads to it, the Tantrica’s skill in focusing their attention in their senses and out of their mind, in moving their sexual energy and merging it with their spiritual energy and with their partner’s energy, and in surrendering to each other from the place of their high being, you have Tantric sex.
tantric link


“Tantra is to worship the Goddess, The Shakti or female.  It is through her that we are all born.  And it is through this body that we are all liberated.”
-Ram Dass Bir Singh Khalsa


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