We are here on this planet floating amidst space tuning into time as the sun rises and falls below the horizon.
We are dancing through waves of Chaos and calmness, high tides and low tides, we ride its the daily grind.
I often ask myself what are we all doing here… I dreamt last night that the truth of our universal existence was revealed to me…
It was shown… The big picture… The lifetimes- the lineages -the souls journey… and God- the Divine creator of all that exists!
It’s a bit foggy now…this morning- In my minds eye. The dream may have been an angel coming to me to share things I have been contemplating since I was a youngster. Last night I chanted the magic mantra before bed and spoke directly to my angels and God… Asking for specific things to occur.
Well we all have powers that exist uniquely and I’m reclaiming mine!
I contemplate unusual things in life.
That’s just the way it is…
(I did sleep with my kundalini book under my pillow – alongside my huge Lemurian seed crystal )
Edgar Casey used this method of sleeping with books under his head…
He gained profound amounts of knowledge very quickly by utilizing this method… Although my kundalini teacher spoke in class a few weeks ago about Edgar C. being visited by an angel in his youth… And I have a dear friend Howard Wills who is an amazing healer, who was visited by “the light” and was given special abilities.
I truly believe if we have the audacity to allow our powers to come to us, we can ask our angels to assist us in reclaiming our innate powers. Yet one must show themselves to be worthy and responsible with humility and grace to share these healing powers with others.

By know you love this or think I’m nuts. It’s great either way.. Ruffle up those feathers! People don’t think, talk, explore these topics enough… In my wildly divine opinion.
This is why I’m writing a new book. The title is top secret – and I intend for it to be a huge success – on Oprah and all that jazz… To share these unique – under-spoken-of-topics!

True are the Keys –
I have found these
Memories from galaxies
Entrance me please
I am free to be
Exactly me
Permission granted
The moment my first breath landed
I am that I am and that’s what I’ll always be
They say the truth will set you free
In this I do believe

Look deep people there you will find your peace and mind
The journey beings when you awaken
The serpentine energy that resides within thee…
Kundalini is the key
I do believe

Sat nam ji

Thank you for reading this



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