Where do you begin…

Well let me just say there are a lot of details to pay attention to in order to properly connect to the energetic source of power that is coiled up within you…
unleashing this energy has been correlated to a serpentine energy uncoiling up the spine and the divine awakening all of the energetic centers aka chakras
.There are 7 chakras… In case you didn’t know. Ill share more on these too .

In order to do this properly one must create a sort of internal heat and pressure : this opens up the chakras profoundly!

I have found the most amazing high – by having my eyes 9/10ths closed while gazing at the tip of my nose in the darkness of those ambrosial hours or at night and then while squeezing tight everything in my body especially mulabhanda and holding (in or out) the breath for 20 seconds 3x.
It’s a lot to take in – I know- you’ll catch on – I’m just sharing the example of my highest point of kundalini serpent energy uncoiling for me!

Ok back to KUNDALINI 101

I’ll be posting in a lil while instructions.



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