The protocol for being a good yogi or yogini is to rise in the morning… Before the sun ☀ during, what is know in the East as Ambrosial hours, between 4-7am. These sacred hours before the consciousness of the earth are aroused, are the most powerful times to do ones daily sadhana, aka daily spiritual practice. 🙏
Trust me you look forward to it after you feel the power and potency of rising before the sun.
Now you may think that’s hard, it’s not by the way, it’s just a mystic hour to be awake…
So get up into darkness, keep the lights as low or off as possible to preserve the darkness, which keeps the pineal gland functioning at more optimal levels… I will discuss the pineal gland powers in a later post.
Mosey into the shower and turn it on COLD! And hop on in…
Yep you heard me…
Let me just say this… After about 5 days you’ll crave it!
I’m not a coffee drinker – but I am an organic tea addict! And nothing wakes you up as quickly as this! I promise!
The cold shower also known in the East as ishnaan, hydrotherapy in the west, has a profound list of powerful benefits for your health, radiance, well being! (See below for details and a link to instructions)**

The cold water stimulates the blood in the internal organs to rush out to the capillariies on the surface of the skin. This cleanses and energizes the glandular system and gives us the audacity to meet the challenges we face.
Seriously it is amazing to do this…
Hot showers don’t get me excited anymore! I’m all about the plunge!

Look at this impressive list**

1. Brings blood to the capillaries
2. Cleans the circulatory system
3. Reduces blood pressure on internal organs, flushing internal organs and giving them a new supply of blood
4. Strengthens the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems
5. Contracts the muscles and causes them to eliminate toxins and poisons more quickly
6. Brings the power of resistance and resilience to the body
7. Strengthens the mucous membranes
8. Keeps the skin young and shining
9. Prevents the body from developing an extra layer of fat, which affects the liver
10. Balances all the glands
11. Circulation and nerve problems can be prevented by regular cold showers.

Well this link discusses the powerful benefits for women especially. But GUYS it’s great for you too…
Look it up online you’ll see!!!


Have fun y’all!


This is a waterfall near my house in Maui!


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