Quest of justice

On a journey in life Feeling beyond compassion for the masses of human existence whom have not a clue or an idea that there is a way into merging with the grace of god -goddess -divine Where wars burry beautiful human bodies – unfinished lives Where poverty strickens children and mothers actross the global community […]

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Crystalline energies 🔹

I am drawn for many years to the stars of the night sky – to the divine energy of the mystic yet earthly crystalline energies – to kundalini sacred serpents and to the natural highness of life. I am reading a lot recently about what I feel is a time of monumental shifting that is […]

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Kundalini is my sanctuary ✨

So many things come and go in this life. Relationships – people – possessions Through all of these experiences over the past few years my meditative sadhana is what keeps me in my sanity. Seriously – by focusing upon this deeply cosmic connection to all that is in existence. Since finding kundalini yoga I have […]

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What is love…

Is love something that we actually possess… As a tangible thing … Is it something we can have ? Is love an object an emotion an illusion. Does love exist within all of us as our birthright as our responsibility? With love we feel so full of life – Whether we love life – we […]

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